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Is It Possible to Buy a Condo with a VA Loan?

Get an overview of buying a condo with a VA home loan.

Published on 06/23/2022

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Buying Mortgage Points: Is It Worth It?

Should you buy points? Learn more about what points are and when to buy them.

Published on 06/16/2022

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Things to Consider When Deciding to Rent or Buy Your First Home

Things to consider about buying or renting your first home.

Published on 06/09/2022

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Getting Ready To Buy A Retirement Home: Things To Consider

What to look for when buying a retirement home.

Published on 06/02/2022

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Better Alternatives To Withdrawing From Your Retirement

Explore alternatives to getting a loan against your retirement.

Published on 05/25/2022

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Your Guide To Buying A Home When You Have Bad Credit

Learn about your home loan options when you have a low credit score.

Published on 05/18/2022

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Your Guide To Paying Down Credit Card Debt With A Home Equity Loan

How to pay off debt with a home equity loan.

Published on 05/11/2022

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How Can I Get Approved for a Mortgage as a Contract Employee?

How to get a self-employed mortgage.

Published on 05/04/2022

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Step By Step Guide To Getting Your Credit Ready For A Mortgage

Tips for improving your credit before applying for a mortgage.

Published on 04/27/2022

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Learn The Difference Between A Home Equity Loan vs. HELOC

Should you choose a HELOC or Home Equity Loan? Read this to help you understand the difference.

Published on 04/20/2022

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5 Mistakes Newbie Investors Make When Buying A House To Flip

Avoid these mistakes when purchasing a property for flipping.

Published on 04/13/2022

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How Do You Get A Mortgage For A Rental Property?

Learn about investment loans for purchasing a rental property.

Published on 04/06/2022

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How Do Non-QM Loans Work?

Find out if a non-qm loan makes sense for your home financing needs.

Published on 03/30/2022

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What Are The Closing Costs For A VA Loan?

Find out what closing costs you must pay with a VA Loan.

Published on 03/23/2022

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How Does A Mortgage Underwriter Verify Income?

Here is how an underwriter verifies income to determine whether a home loan is approved.

Published on 03/16/2022

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How To Spot A Reverse Mortgage Scam

Learn how to spot the most common reverse mortgage scams.

Published on 03/09/2022